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Childrens Charity Ministry is a Christian based charitable organization. We are teaching children and teens to utilize some of their time and efforts to help under-privileged children and families, thereby instilling a sense of being part of their community.

Cindy Martin  leads Childrens Charity Ministry as Director with Vernon Martin, Jeannie King, Julie Maguire, Angela Visgar and Scott Stone serving as board members. Our volunteers, private donations, and corporate sponsorship are the heart of the organization. Without these people and organizations supporting us there would be no Childrens Charity Ministry. We rely on God to provide items for our Thrift Store, our volunteers, our corporate sponsors and our opportunity to help others in our community.

Childrens Charity Ministry is unique in that we have many children, youth, and families that volunteer in our organization. We are trying to show children the many ways they can help others. Demonstrating responsible actions instills self confidence and makes the children aware that they too are responsible citizens and a big part of their community. We want them to care for their community while actively serving and doing God’s work as Christians.

Childrens Charity Ministry is an IRS Code 501 (c) (3) non-profit (not for profit), tax exempt organization. Any donations to the organization are also tax exempt.

Childrens Charity Ministry Story

Childrens Charity Ministry was established in July 2009.

We started out very small helping where we could and recruiting children and teens to help others in need (children helping children). Initially we helped by providing food and hygiene items to 1 school, we went to nursing homes, collected donations for the sanctuary. We did all of this with the help of our child volunteers. We also had a clothing closet which assisted hundreds of people in the first year.

Our next step was to just focus on the schools. The first school had needs and we figured children at other schools also had needs, so we offered our assistance in other local schools.

At this point we were growing so fast and material donations flowing in so fast, we were running out of room. Logistically it was difficult to receive, clean and distribute items to those in need from a basement or garage. But as usual, God filled our needs with the perfect place for the CCM Thrift Store which we established in May 2011.

As progress goes, we always need more space for food and hygiene item storage, packing the lunches and more space for display of the thrift store items. The good thing about doing the Lord’s work is that he always takes care of our needs. He has opened doors to provide us much larger space to do what he needs us to accomplish. We moved into our new home for CCM on Tuesday July 31st, 2012. We are just off of HWY 62/65 at 1405 North Main Street in the Younes Shopping Center in Harrison, AR.

The Childrens Charity Ministry (CCM) Thrift Store allows us to accept donations of items to sell which helps us provide our services to the community. Having the store on North Main Street in Harrison, AR provides us a valuable method of being noticed. Most of our operational income comes from the operation of the thrift store.

After a long drawn out process, Childrens Charity Ministry officially became a Charitable non-profit, IRS code 501 (C) (3) in July 2011. This allows all donations to be tax deductible.

We continue to grown and expand our services while continually seeking to partner with community businesses and other service providers.

Childrens Charity Ministry has provided needed services for up to 8 counties.

Childrens Charity Ministry | Non-Profit Charity

Packing Lunches

During the school year we have provided just under 5,000 meals per month to underprivileged children from Schools in up to 8 different Counties.

For all of the schools we offer and provide hygiene kits, shoes, clothing, school supplies, etc., upon request from the schools.

Childrens Charity Ministry – Emergency Services

Special needs and emergencies arise throughout each year. We attempt to meet any and all of these needs helping any way we can. For instance we have helped burnout victims, families who have been suddenly evicted from their homes, as well as children who have been sent away for whatever reason that come home or placed elsewhere in the system but require entire wardrobes. We also provide assistance to children who move in from other areas and only have a couple of outfits.

We offer food, clothes, shoes, coats, appliances, cookware, beds and bedding, pillows, tools, portable heaters fans and furniture. Basically if they have a need we try to provide it.

Childrens Charity Ministry | Other Services

We also create special programs and projects that help students have the opportunity take advantage of schools experiences that they can not afford. For instance, we have put together money and donations to obtain gowns for the girls and tuxedo rentals for the boys who would not otherwise have the chance to be part of their schools Prom.

Childrens Charity Ministry | Location:

1405 North Main Street (in the Younes Shopping Center)
Harrison, AR 72601

Childrens Charity Ministry | Phone:


Childrens Charity Ministry | Hours of Operation:

Monday 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Tuesday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Closed Sunday

Thank you for taking the time to investigate our organization. We appreciate anything you can do to helps us reach our goals. We hope you agree that no child should do without.

Donations – You can always drop off monetary, food, hygiene or thrift store donations at the CCM Thrift Store, 1405 North Main Street, Harrison, Arkansas 72601, in the Younes Shopping Center. If you prefer, monetary donations can also be using the PayPal Donate button in the upper right hand corner of this page. You can use a multitude of credit/debit cards or your PayPal account.


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