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Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Paige Grace and Lily.
    Paige is not quite 48 hour out of the first surgery. They have gone back in two times bedside to suture up some of the bleeding and pull out clots. She is extremely sick, her heart upon close inspection by the surgeon was deemed very sick. Today we have celebrated the small things, her pee has increased due to medications and this helps take down the swelling in her entire body…but most importantly the swelling around her heart. She continues to be on a machine called ECMO which is a heart/lung bypass machine so that her heart can rest and hopefully heal. We pray that she continues the trends from this afternoon. She needs to continue to pee constantly to get rid of all the extra fluid, she needs to bleed minimally from the chest tubes, she needs to use the pace maker pulses to try to pulse on her own. The hope is that by Monday that her heart will have healed enough for her to start to take back over. Please continue to pray for her, God is listening and we feel it here in the small steps she is taking. There is a long weekend ahead and we are prayerful that she WILL recover.
  • Pray for the victims of the Joplin, MO tornado victims. Their turmoil is a daily battle of survival, still.
  • Pray for our ministry, that lives will be touched and changed! That the children we mentor will become the caretakers of this organization for generations to come.



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