Prayer and God’s Blessings

Prayer and Having Faith

By Candra Conway

This morning as I was giving thanks, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that it literally almost took my breath away. I think to understand this fully you would have to understand where we came from. Approx 1 year ago, my husband was unemployed, I was going to work daily at a job I hated. We were on the verge of selling our dream home just to stay afloat. We were feeding other’s children and sometimes it was very difficult just to feed our own children. Continue reading

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CCM In Action – July

CCM in Action During July

New Thrift Store just before the Grand Opening.

The following is a list of some of the many Face Book posts by Candra Conway, the Director of  Children’s Charity Ministry (CCM) during the month of July 2012. You will realize the magnitude this tiny organization has in the Harrison, Arkansas community and surrounding areas.

Children’s Charity Ministry was established in July 2009 and has continued to grow. See the story at

Only one year ago CCM was working out of a basement and garages and moving into their first Thrift Store to increase funding for the needs of the community. On July 31st, 2012 we will be moving into a much more spacious building allowing us to store food, hygiene items, and more storage for the Thrift Store with more functional displays.

Follow us through this past month and see how God provides for CCM. Keep in mind that this entire organization began only a few years ago by two mothers who saw needs in the community and wanted to help. Continue reading

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Upcoming Events

Our needs are many as we prepare for the upcoming school year.

Near Term Goals:

Food Donations:  As we begin to prepare for the upcoming school year, it is obvious that we need food donations for the 10,000 meals per month we will be packing. (More information is provide in our directors note below.)

Monetary Donations: Yes, we always have the need for money to fill in the gaps of what we do no get from food/clothing donations. This year we are attempting to build recurring donations list of 300 folks willing to provide at least $10 each month. This will provide an expected base funding each month so we can stop biting our nails. So be sure to contact Candra at the CCM Thrift Store and become part of this endeavor.

Building Space Needed: As we’ve expanded our backpack lunch program to close to 10,000 meals per month, we need more space for food storage, as well as, have space to set up tables for assembly line packing of the lunches. If you can help us out with this need please contact Candra at the CCM Thrift Store.

Donations – You can always drop off monetary, food, hygiene or thrift store donations at the CCM Thrift Store, 1405 North Main Street, Harrison, Arkansas 72601, in the Younes Shopping Center. You can mail your monetary donation to the Thrift Store address or use the handy PayPal Donation button in the upper right hand corner of this page.


Directors Note:

Our organization was blessed to be able to help so many children last year. As the 2012/2013 school year rapidly approaches, Children’s Charity Ministry is working hard to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Our goal is to take care of the children in the schools we are already working in as well as meeting the needs of new children. We anticipate providing close to 10,000 meals each month for children in need.

We will also be providing shoes, school supplies, clothing, and hygiene items as needed to children in our community. We are asking that you help make this school year a success by providing $10 each month. Your monthly donation will help ensure that children in our community do not have to go without.

Donations: Please mail your donation to 1405 North Main Street, Harrison, AR 72601 or to donate via PayPal from the donation button in the upper right hand corner of this page. We are excited to have you as a vital part of our organization.

Please feel free to pass this letter to friends and family that may also be interested in helping meet the needs of children in our community.


Below is a video from a local Television Station from the Harrison 726 show.

Candra, the Director of CCM explains some of what we do and what some of our general needs are. She also tells about our partnership with the Harrison Fire Department “Back to Schools Bash” where they give out back packs of schools supplies and we give out around 800 Hygiene Kits. Hygiene kit donations are another need for product donations.


  • Please mail your monetary donation to:
    Children’s Charity Ministry
    1405 North Main Street
    Harrison, AR 72601
  • Drop off your donation items at the above address.
  • Donate via PayPal from the donation button in the upper right hand corner of this page. We are excited to have you as a vital part of our organization.


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Hometown Hero’s

We are in need of caring people, like yourself, to help us feed children in 8 of our surrounding counties. We are feeding close to 800 children over the weekends and your donation of JUST $15 would provide 1 of those children with 15 meals meals which would be enough to last that child the rest of this school year!

I know there are plenty of caring people out there who want to help us get children in need, food to keep them healthy. Please click the “Donate” in the upper right hand corner to donate your $15 via paypal or mail your check to Children’s Charity Ministry 1405 North Main Street, Harrison, AR 72601 and add your name to CCM’s list of local hero’s!

Take this opportunity to bless and be blessed by feeding a precious little one. Thanks and God bess!

HOMETOWN HERO’S LIST….UPDATED!!! Add your name to the list by donating $15 to provide food for a child for the rest of this school year. THANK YOU to those who have donated already ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • -Valerie C
  • -Rachel W
  • -Kim B
  • -Sherry C
  • -Mellody W
  • -Vekcey F
  • -Cheyenne W
  • -Ronda D
  • -Vickey S
  • -Sue J
  • -Diane C
  • -Brittany B
  • -Jean B
  • -Denise B
  • -Vanessa K
  • -Becky B
  • -Jaclyn R
  • -Jay & Lynne M
  • -Becky D
  • -anonymous
  • -Chari J
  • -Phillip and Angela N
  • -Bethany R
  • -Mary W
  • -Lexi O
  • -Lisa R

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Site Updates

Webmaster at Work

You will be seeing changes to our Children’s Charity Ministry website over the next month or so and improvements providing more timely updates to our events, needs and news. We will also be establishing photo galleries from our events so everyone can see all of our volunteers at work.

We will establish individual pages for our corporate partners. This way we can brag about their support of our organization, let everyone know about them and lets us all know that we should support our supporters.

If you have ideas to improve our website, please let our webmaster know about them for consideration. Any comments about the site are also welcome. Just click our “Contact Us” form, include your ideas and select Webmaster from the drop down menu.

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Charity and the Holidays

Feel Good About Yourself this Holiday Season! –

The holiday season has begun in the Ozarks. Thanksgiving has passed, the air is cool and crisp, the leaves have fallen to the ground and the trees are left bare. While folks are getting excited about finding that special present for their special someone to give that some a special Christmas, there are many in our community that don’t even have a can of soup in their cupboards to eat hot meal.

For most of us, the holidays draw up pictures in our head of happy memories of spending time with family and friends with elaborate home made meals shared between everyone. But right here in our city, county and neighborhoods there is always someone in need, someone without family, someone without a friend, someone without anything to eat, someone who is shivering from the cold and no way to heat their home. Continue reading

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