Charity and the Holidays

Feel Good About Yourself this Holiday Season! –

The holiday season has begun in the Ozarks. Thanksgiving has passed, the air is cool and crisp, the leaves have fallen to the ground and the trees are left bare. While folks are getting excited about finding that special present for their special someone to give that some a special Christmas, there are many in our community that don’t even have a can of soup in their cupboards to eat hot meal.

For most of us, the holidays draw up pictures in our head of happy memories of spending time with family and friends with elaborate home made meals shared between everyone. But right here in our city, county and neighborhoods there is always someone in need, someone without family, someone without a friend, someone without anything to eat, someone who is shivering from the cold and no way to heat their home.


That’s right. YOU can share of yourself by spending time with someone who is lonely. Sharing a meal or a cup of coffee and some of your time for just chatting. Noticing someone is feeling down and sharing a smile (it’s contagious you know). It doesn’t take a lot.

Make time to help your neighbor doing some chores that they have trouble doing as they older. You know those things like raking leaves, cleaning gutters, cutting their lawn. Make time to invite them over for coffee and chat about what is going on in their lives.

Charity is so much more than sending money, although that is just as important. But giving of yourself will give you and those your are helping an immediate feeling of satisfaction and gratefulness.  Don’t cheat yourself of this precious gift to yourself and those around you.


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