Prayer and God’s Blessings

Prayer and Having Faith

By Candra Conway

This morning as I was giving thanks, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that it literally almost took my breath away. I think to understand this fully you would have to understand where we came from. Approx 1 year ago, my husband was unemployed, I was going to work daily at a job I hated. We were on the verge of selling our dream home just to stay afloat. We were feeding other’s children and sometimes it was very difficult just to feed our own children.
Today, my husband has a wonderful job, I have a job that I couldn’t imagine my life without. We got to keep our dream house. And the wonderful people he has placed in my life, my husband and children. We have so much love in our family, that alone is enough to give praise!
I had such an overwhelming sense of peace this morning that I owe only to God. I know without a doubt that God is real and answers prayers! I know people say that people only post the things on FaceBook that make you look like your life is perfect, so I wanted to show you that our life has not been perfect but I wanted to show you what God has brought us through to hopefully give some of you hope.
Keep the faith!!!

This was a FB post that Candra put up this morning. It is so good to see God working with this Children’s Charity Ministry (CCM) organization. But to see the personal struggle that Candras’ family went through and keeping all together to continue the work of CCM, you know it was all possible through prayer and supplication and answers from God himself.

It is important to remember that all of us have times of trial in this life, but God is right here, always within ear shot to hear us. Take time to thank our Lord and Savior whenever you have a minute…..he is right there waiting to hear you.

Jay Mueller

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