Hometown Hero’s

We are in need of caring people, like yourself, to help us feed children in 8 of our surrounding counties. We are feeding close to 800 children over the weekends and your donation of JUST $15 would provide 1 of those children with 15 meals meals which would be enough to last that child the rest of this school year!

I know there are plenty of caring people out there who want to help us get children in need, food to keep them healthy. Please click the “Donate” in the upper right hand corner to donate your $15 via paypal or mail your check to Children’s Charity Ministry 1405 North Main Street, Harrison, AR 72601 and add your name to CCM’s list of local hero’s!

Take this opportunity to bless and be blessed by feeding a precious little one. Thanks and God bess!

HOMETOWN HERO’S LIST….UPDATED!!! Add your name to the list by donating $15 to provide food for a child for the rest of this school year. THANK YOU to those who have donated already ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • -Valerie C
  • -Rachel W
  • -Kim B
  • -Sherry C
  • -Mellody W
  • -Vekcey F
  • -Cheyenne W
  • -Ronda D
  • -Vickey S
  • -Sue J
  • -Diane C
  • -Brittany B
  • -Jean B
  • -Denise B
  • -Vanessa K
  • -Becky B
  • -Jaclyn R
  • -Jay & Lynne M
  • -Becky D
  • -anonymous
  • -Chari J
  • -Phillip and Angela N
  • -Bethany R
  • -Mary W
  • -Lexi O
  • -Lisa R

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